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PokerGob.com is home to “Team PokerGob 8“, a sponsored group of poker players.

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PokerGob is a forward-thinking media movement, packed with everything in the poker arena. Poker is the game we enjoy. Here at PokerGob.com, we love to express it in all forms possible whether they be blogs, news articles, podcasts or videos. This website is devoted to providing a portal for poker players to express themselves. It is a strong creative outlet, and you the visitor are more than welcome to enjoy it with us.

Team PokerGob

The team slogan is, “Keeping You in the Game…” All Team PokerGob members must put forth their best effort which starts with funding their own accounts. Team PokerGob is not here to stake players who haven’t earned it. Poker is far too hard to give money to Team PokerGob candidates who haven’t earned their keep.

Winning poker players deserve the chance to use their base of inherent knowledge and expertise to increase their income.

Team PokerGob members can achieve this through being recognized by our sponsors however with this opportunity comes great responsibility. We must act in a professional manner and handle ourselves as respectful ambassadors of poker. Our goal is to secure a bankable and wholesome reputation whilst upholding a impeccable representation of our sponsors, affiliates and partners.

Team PokerGob
Keeping You in the Game…

So Why the Name PokerGob?

Why not?

gob – (gob) – noun – Slang – The mouth.

Enjoy Poker and Discover PokerGob!

PokerGob.com strives to bring together a growing number of new bloggers, up and coming as well as established poker players and media outlets into one cool and innovative hangout. We come here to discuss poker and get completely immersed into the game that we enjoy so much. Thanks for checking us out, browse around and share in the experience. As bloggers and players we’re here to help you discover your poker prowess and inflate your poker knowledge. Enjoy the trip.

– PokerGob
Discover Your Mouth of Poker. . .

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PokerGob.com is the home of Team PokerGob 8. A troop of players and bloggers with a passion for poker.

As the team progresses you might be surprised as to what we can accomplish.