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Recent Blogs

How to Win a Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament

  • Texas hold em poker tournaments are extremely popular with players of online poker rooms. Tournaments run around the clock on the best online poker sites and buy-ins vary in range from less than $1 to several thousand dollars. If you intend playing poker online USA at or anywhere else, there are a number of […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGob
    Tuesday 20th September 2016

Pot Odds – The Definition

  • Pot Odds - thumbnail
    Pot odds are the ratio of the current size of the pot relative to the cost or amount of the call. Once you’ve managed the basics of poker, pot odds will become a necessary tool in expanding your game and helping you make proper decisions. The best way to explain pot odds definition is by […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGob
    Saturday 13th April 2013

A Strategy to Defend Your Big Blind

  • Limit Hold'em
    Reversing the Button If you choose to defend your big blind in Hold’em be prepared to play with fire. Defending your blind is not a simple task. Some players will be greedy but everyone will be trying to pillage your stack. Remember that Texas Hold’em is a game designed around the wars and conflicts between […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGob
    Friday 15th March 2013

So You Think You’ve Got it Licked?

  • Heart Poker Hill Thumbnail
    You let out that big sigh of relief and realise that, after all is said and done, you have conquered your poker demons. At long last you are able to string together a series of winning sessions. Finally you are able to fold that two pair on a three-flushed board. Realising that you are beat […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Thursday 17th January 2013

Folding the “Winner”

  • Samvo Poker Eagle
    We’ve all had that sickening feeling where you make what you consider to be a “good” fold, only to see the hand called down by another player and you folded the “winner”. There are a couple of scenarios I am going to discuss in this blog that constitute laying down the “winning hand”. In the […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Friday 30th November 2012

Knowing Your Opponent

  • Samvo Poker Eagle
    One of poker’s greatest truisms is that of “knowing your opponent”. This is spot on and something that all good players try to get a handle on, as soon as they sit down at a table. However, it is one thing to “know your opponent” and quite another to get “cozy” with the person sitting next to you at the poker table

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Sunday 30th September 2012

Abusing the Button

  • Button Abuse
    “Button Abuse in the First Degree” Just the other day I caught a player red-handedly abusing the button. In fact had they not redeemed themselves by later “decent” play, I might have had them brought up on a murder charge! Haha! I hadn’t played in a live tourney for quite a while – and so […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Tuesday 21st August 2012

Betting Stations

  • The Wheel - Stud Poker
    Gaining Control of the Incessant Bettor You know them, you love them, yes we are talking about betting stations. I come across these types of players online a lot and especially in limit games. They will bet a flop, any flop, no matter how menacing the board might seem. Usually at a table of weak […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Tuesday 7th August 2012

Pot Control It

  • Poker Blogs
    Making the Most of Your Poker Cravings It’s been a barren period (blog-wise) for me, I was away for most of the month plying my trade and trying to get poker recognition. Did it work out well? I guess the answer lays in the future press somewhere, waiting to be posted. You see much more […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by cardkahleesi
    Monday 30th July 2012

Buying the Turn in Limit Hold’em

  • Limit Hold'em
    As poker players you should be aware of the term, “buying the turn”. It is more commonly used in Stud games and referred to there as “buying 5th Street”. This week’s blog is going to look at ways to “buy the turn” in Limit Hold’em in particular. Why? Because in my opinion this strategy works […]

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  • Poker PlayerPosted by PokerGobette
    Wednesday 25th July 2012

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