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Jealousy in Poker | PokerGob - Your Mouth of Poker

Jealousy in Poker

Written by PokerGobette on . Posted in Poker Blogs

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As in life, jealousy can be an issue, the same can be said about jealousy in poker. Recently I have found that winning and beating up on the same players, day after day, can cause this emotion to rear its ugly head at the poker table.

This emotion can be both detrimental to your game or it can boost its effectiveness. How is it detrimental? Well ,firstly your opponents can start to gang up on you and in certain limit games this is particularly bad. You need to drive players out of the pot early and having five players calling you down to the river can be horrific. They are just hoping that anyone else wins the hand besides you. Secondly the table chatter about your “luckiness” in poker can make other players see you as the one to try to suck out on at the table, therefore you may start to experience more suck-outs.

On the flip-side, being the most winning player at a table gets some of your opponents to fold early in heads-up situations – believing that you always “have it”. Others, by trying to outdraw you, by desperately trying to “take your lucky mojo”, will end up calling you down with weak hands and paying you off every time. In either situation above, you will end up getting paid!

The trick is to realize when the table dynamics surrounding jealous opponents has tilted in your favor or has gone in the other direction, where your opponents have morphed into incessant calling stations. In those types of situations, you should adapt your game to one that involves zero bluffing and all value betting. If that strategy fails, leave the table. There will be plenty more to batter around later.


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