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Want to get discovered by search engines and news websites? Do you want to build inbound links to your sites? PokerGob will get your story into the sites that people use such as Google, Twitter, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo! Creating a “public relations buzz” and promoting your site on PokerGob is an innovative way to get your message out. You can sponsor PokerGob Show episodes and allow us to promote your brand. There’s many ways we can help you whether it’s through blogging, poker show talk or press releases, we’re here to help you.

Lets discuss the opportunities that will best suit your needs. We’re looking to review poker business ideas such as software, books, websites or anything new and interesting. Contact us and send your product to us for review and we’ll let you know what we think. If we think your product is great than you can take advantage of our network of visitors and promotion.

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PokerGob is the home of Team PokerGob 8. A troop of players and bloggers with a passion for poker.

As the team progresses you might be surprised as to what we can accomplish.