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Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! | PokerGob - Your Mouth of Poker

Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!

Written by PokerGobette on . Posted in Poker News

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This well known chant has been made even more popular in the poker world after Joe Hachem won his 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet. This slang term for an Australian national can also be spellt “Aussie” and both spellings are common in the UK and Australia.

It is a derivation of the football (soccer) chant “Oggie! Oggie! Oggie!” that is heard frequently at football matches.

So what does all this have to do with Black Friday and the US Department of Justice? Well just as I had indicated in my “Oh Canada!” article, some US Pros are eying the good ole Aussie Outback as a place where they can lay their chips down.

Whether the displaced US Pros head north or south will be largely determined by the ease at which moving to another domicile can be achieved.

Of course it will be much easier for those who have the capital to make such a move. For those who don’t it looks like it will be a long wait until the fields of online poker players becomes fertile again.

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