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Poker Show – Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade – September 22 | PokerGob - Your Mouth of Poker

Poker Show – Tristan “Cre8ive” Wade – September 22

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On September 22, the Your Mouth of Poker Show had the honor of conducting an interview with professional poker player Tristan Wade. Tristan is a resident of South Florida, who graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Psychology. He currently plays online poker and is an instructor for

In the interview we discuss what it takes to be a poker instructor and the skills necessary to be a professional player. Early on in the interview we learn that he has a unique outlook on his own play and a distinctive classification of himself. Tristan considers himself a ” hybrid” poker player and discusses how he uses online and live play to coach new poker players. Tristan is part of, a remarkable team of poker instructors who, as a group ,hold 19 WSOP Bracelets and over $45 Million in live and online tournament winnings.

Our interview with “Cre8ive” was very insightful. Topics include: Catching tells on yourself, Getting inside the mind’s of your opponents, Slowing down your thoughts and Figuring out your opponent’s ability. Tristan speaks about giving his competitors “the benefit of doubt” and stresses the importance of playing at a level that your opponent can understand.

During this one-on-one interview on the “Your Mouth of Poker Show”, you’ll find some impressive poker dialogue. When we ask Tristan to give some tips on playing small pocket pairs, his answer includes some very valid and interesting points. The discussion explores the options of limping or raising with pocket pairs and balancing one’s starting range of hands.

The interview closes with us finding out about Tristan’s creative projects and upcoming events. We wish Tristan “Cre8ive” Wade great success in all of his endeavors. We look forward to seeing him crushing poker tables online and live and sharing with him his deep dedication and respect for poker.

Tristan Wade – Your Mouth of Poker Show – Audio Podcast Archive

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