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So You Think You've Got it Licked? | PokerGob - Your Mouth of Poker

So You Think You’ve Got it Licked?

Written by PokerGobette on . Posted in Poker Blogs

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Heart Poker HillYou let out that big sigh of relief and realise that, after all is said and done, you have conquered your poker demons. At long last you are able to string together a series of winning sessions. Finally you are able to fold that two pair on a three-flushed board. Realising that you are beat and even if you aren’t beat, being able to maintain your composure and play on – un-tilted.

Then four days after your massive epiphany, you experience a series of losses unlike anything else on “poker” Earth. In your mind, no other poker player could have gone through the level of unfortunate hands that you have. It’s as if someone flipped a switch and now you just can’t win…

This is a familiar story for a lot of poker players I have come across. It’s one that seems to pop up over and over again. Sometimes the player becomes obsessed with analysing the improbability of the losses and at other times, he or she laments the folly of the opponent’s call.

I usually like to look as the root cause of a loss. It’s very easy to review the history of a hand by examining the result and working backwards. I like to start at the beginning and calculate how subtle changes to bet size, timing and immediate action before the hand, could have resulted in a different outcome.


So easy to refer to an opponent as an inexperienced bad player and see yourself as the true professional in a “sick beat” situation.
So easy to see their rookie moves as silly and incompetent and see yours as finesse and of high quality.

Just a few days earlier you had the poker world licked and were dominating the 1c/2c NLHE games online. So what has changed?

Donkey Poker Mirror

“Obviously, the players have just got loads worse”

My retort, then you should have an even easier time at winning, no?

“Bunch of calling stations and “donkey-players” on that site”

Insert previous retort.

“Bloody rigged site!”

Should I even dignify that answer with an response? Not!

Haha! Take a long and honest look in the mirror.

The one thing that has changed since you went on that almighty, godlike run is YOU. You are the difference in this equation. You are the guilty party here.

It is only human nature to relax slightly after a long climb up hill. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Only thing is, if you ask any successful person, maintaining that level of expertise that got you the win is what truly matters.

For many players getting to the top happens very quickly and easily. For others it’s a real grind. No matter the manner of your path to the top, just remember that getting there is a minute part of the battle.

Staying on top of your game requires such patience and determination that even thinking the words, “I think I’ve got it licked”, could land you right back where you started.

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  • Really good article and something that definately happens a lot! Very easy to attach success to ourselves yet blame others when failing.

    • Exactly. It’s extremely easy to take credit where credit’s due but try to shift the blame when we are at fault. Poker is a very simple game to learn but the small subtleties are what transform an average player into an elite one.

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